We know that only 10-15% of a presentation is remembered if you focus on text and bullet points. If you overload the audience with text it‘s tough to maintain their attention to the things which are really important. If you start with a slide that makes no sense to the audience you have a chance to keep them in suspense. People are curious what happens next, like in a good movie. It‘s a powerful way to engage people by building the slide and using animations smart while you‘re talking. Step by step it will make sense for them. When was the last time you have been to a presentation where people wanted to hear what the presenter has to say?

The biggest barrier to effective communication is language. There are words that make perfect sense for you, but can mean something completely different to your audience. For instance we have to take care about all this acronyms that make perfect sense to us, but may have a completely different meaning to the people sitting in front of us. Additionally there a plenty of other barriers, like you can‘t hear, you can‘t see, boring slides that turn you off…

Another important ingredient to a good presentation is a specific, realistic and action oriented objective called the message.

Finally the definition of a good presentation is this:

How successful you‘ve been to bring this  message through all the existing barriers across to your audience. If you manage to achieve this, this was a successful presentation. Otherwise it was just a waste of time.

Four steps to create a good presentation

Source: Inspired by Nick Oulton and his book Killer Presentations



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