For a presenter it’s essential to attract and maintain the attention of the audience, to effectively present, to generate interest to encourage excitement and to captivate the participants.

Here are a couple of issues to consider:

Presentation tips by Thomas Zangerle/


Why do you present? Make sure that your topic (i.e. the key message) is significant for your audience and adapt the presentation to their needs. Significance creates passion and passion will attract attention.

Structure your presentation

It is important to support your audience with a well-structured presentation.  This structure will help to make the presentation memorable and convincing. Use only 3 to 4 reasons to support your point (the key message) as they will not remember more anyway.

Don’t overload the audience

Be careful not to overload your audience. It is simply not effective to speak the same words that are written on the slides. It’s far better to show a picture or chart illustrating your point.

Keep it silly simple

Try to create your own style of presentation. Forget about common rules to design slides (remember the “7 lines per slide or less and 7 words per line or less” rule). It’s more effective to reduce and minimize written information wherever possible. Use big fonts, making it easy to read even for those sitting in the back. Support that point with a high-resolution photo (not a clip art) to create emotions.

Interact and you will engage

Creating content spontaneously and live will be a highlight of any presentation. Ideas and comments contributed by the audience can be integrated easily by the use of a Visualizer (with its annotation surface for instance). Interaction will lead to engagement resulting in action.

Tell a story and they will listen

A story gives the big picture and helps to digest and retain the information transmitted during the presentation. It also helps yourself thinking about the presentation – what is your story and why does it matter?

Don’t forget the almighty attention span

We don’t pay attention to boring things. You must come up with something emotionally relevant at least every ten minutes to regain audience’s attention. Changing media for instance will help achieving that aim.

Seeing is believing

Props are powerful because they hit people between the eyes. With a Visualizer you can integrate these objects easily without compromising the quality of your presentation. Try to deliver a presentation rich in visuals. By the way, text displayed through presentation software is no visual aid…

Keep it real

Be yourself and be authentic. Rehearse until you feel confident delivering the content of your presentation. Try to find a memorable start and end, because these are the most important parts of your presentation.


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