In the last few decades presentations have become the leading sort of communication in business and science. Presentations have one purpose – to impart information and knowledge in a memorable fashion so that the audience will be persuaded and take positive actions as a result. This is a common aim, whatever the nature of the presentation is for corporate, financial, sales and marketing, training courses, education or conferences.

According to a survey in German companies, 84% of all presentations are considered to be drowsy and boring. 13% of the presentations are considered to be okay leaving only 3% to inspiring experiences and that means the vast majority of the presentations done today have room for improvement, sometimes a lot. I’ve seen and experienced such presentations too often and finally this was motivation enough to change my own way of presenting.

As Innovation- and Productmanager at WolfVision, the leading company in the Visualizer market and a specialist in presentation technology, I have a natural interest regarding improving learning and communication by doing better presentations. As a flexible presentation device the Visualizer helps increasing understanding and retention. Beside that it will give the presenter full flexibility in creating interactive presentations without compromising the quality of the presentation. This blog should give you some ideas how you can get the maximum out of your presentation. The tips are easy to implement and often just small details needs to be changed and the impact can be dramatic.

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My name is Thomas Zangerle and I’m taking care for corporate and partner trainings at WolfVision since more than 11 years. I am member of the German Speakers Association (GSA) and the Global Speakers Federation (GSF).


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