What’s more convincing: Reasons or emotions?

The left side of your brain deals with analytic thoughts and logic. Language, text, facts and figures are targeting this side of your brain. The right side of your brain is responsible for emotions and creative tasks. Visual impressions and images are attractive for this side of your brain. Although our brain is a small part of the body its energy consumption is enormous (just 2% of body mass, but about 20% of energy and oxygen consumption) and the left side is consuming the majority of that energy. PowerPoint, facts displayed as bullet points and figures are permanently addressing the left side of the brain. While the left side is running out of energy after a while, the right side still has some resources left. Images and visual tools are addressing this area and beside that they will also create emotions. In fact it‘s emotions convincing us, not the arguments. Emotions will lead to action and reasons will justify the decisions.


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