It’s all about the presentation

In the last few decades presentations have become the leading sort of communication in business and science. Presentations have one purpose – to impart information and knowledge in a memorable fashion so that the audience will be persuaded and take positive actions as a result. This is a common aim, whatever the nature of the presentation is for corporate, financial, sales and marketing, training courses, education or conferences.

It’s essential for the presenter to attract and maintain the attention of the audience, to effectively present, to generate interest to encourage excitement and to captivate the participants. But the omnipresent PowerPoint and users which are just benchmarking their own presentations to previous experiences are the worst combination somebody can imagine.

PowerPoint is the dominating presentation software. Estimations are indicating that between 250-300 million computers have installed a version of PowerPoint. About 30 million presentations are done every day, right now more than 1 million presentations are going on.

For a lot of people PowerPoint is the ultimate tool when it comes to doing a presentation, so no wonder that 95% of all presentation are done by using this software. According to a survey in German companies, 84% of all presentations are considered to be drowsy and boring. 13% of the presentations are considered okay, but that means 97% of the presentations done today have room for improvement, sometimes a lot.


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